Challenges of Restructuring & Turnaround

Restructuring and Turnaround process is both time critical and challenging. Focusing your time and resources on operations is key to the process, but having the right financing partner is just as important.

If you don’t have the financial resources to survive, your best plans will not succeed. Having helped companies across a broad range of industries restructure and return to profitability, we understand both the urgency of financial distress and the operational challenges. We have the manpower and financial resources as well as the expertise to respond quickly and help your business get back on track.

Many years of experience in financing turnarounds equips us with a deep understanding of the process and the decisive factors that are key to successful restructuring and turnarounds. Whether your company is being reorganized under formal bankruptcy protection or outside of a formal process, we can help you.

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Your Chances

Public-company lifespans are shrinking. Today, the chances of any given company ceasing to exist in its current form over the next five years are one in three. Fifty years ago, they were one in twenty.

We help companies to implement an effective business turnaround when all signs point to the need for fast, focused action and when companies are grappling with an urgent need for change amid great disruption, not only with a good and sound advice, but with finance too or assist them to acquire the necessary funding from different exchanges.  

We deliver immediate impact to each client’s bottom line, cash flow, and top-line growth—all while concentrating on what the client must do to sustain successful change far into the future.


financing is a business finance—typically secured by company assets or other collateral—that supports a strategic or restructuring plan intended to help your company return to profitability. Turnaround financing relies on a strategic plan—typically laid out by a turnaround advisor, interim CEO, or another and will be analysed by our staff.

We combine the practical experience of our experts, who are well versed in every aspect of the restructuring process, with our equally deep expertise across a wide range of industries and functions.

This combination puts us in a unique position to push beyond restructuring and help our clients transform.

Our seasoned advisors understand the risks facing stressed and distressed companies—including disclosure risk, legal risks in insolvency support, open invoices from filing for insolvency, reputational risks, and de facto directorship. To help clients mitigate these risks, our consultants combine hands-on expertise with advisory skills to lead clients through the restructuring process.

The goal? To strengthen your balance sheets, boost cash flows, and transition out of survival mode.


financing is a business financing that leverages your assets to provide a positive solution to significantly modify debt and reorganize the financial structure of your company. Often, such a restructuring will coincide with the implementation of a strategic plan and turnaround financing. The restructuring financing process requires your company to establish a solid financial plan to maximize efficiency and improve the company bottom line in order to facilitate the recovery of your company’s financial situation if your company has sufficient collateral (accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and/or equipment) to support the finance amount.

Our Corporate Financial Restructuring experts help businesses to assess financial risk and offer advice about cost reduction processes. They strategically reassign and re-direct financial operations using zero-based strategies. 

They analyse and advise on cost saving processes thus helping organizations regain ground. They also helps in debt restructuring thus securing more manageable debt repayment plans, lightens the burden of loan settlement, and helps with consumer base valuations.

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