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Striving for Excellence

Our Philosophy

  • Think the feasible, 
  • do the conceivable, even when the task is hard, and 
  • envision the impossible to give our clients a competitive edge

IFC has always striven to maintain the highest ethical standards; this statement explains our approach. However, it cannot cover every eventuality.

IFC's policy is not to make contributions to political parties or partisan organisations. IFC  works co-operatively with host governments and regulators while remaining politically neutral in all jurisdictions. 

IFC codifies its key business principles and values in its Group Standards Manual which is in force throughout our operations.

Our Goals

  • Help to solve all the difficult financial problems our customers face keeping always  full confidentiality 

  • We conduct business in a wide variety of social and business cultures and in a broad range of political and religious  environments. As a commercial organisation, our governing objectives are to provide a satisfactory return on our shareholders' capital, to invest in social and political environments. 

We do this by having a talented and motivated staff who offer our customers competitive services and products. 

We meet our financial obligations, we invest to develop our business for the future; our investments are made primarily on a financial basis, but with regard to the principles and values set out in this document.