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Venture Capital

Venture capital  financing is one of the important parts of IFC  business.

We're working with leading companies of all sizes as well as with financial institutions and governmental agencies across the world, providing deep insight and ressources to help our clients succeed. 

IFC Venture Capital

provides capital, know-how, management support and a large network of industry experts to selected new technology enterprises and innovative entrepreneurs in the life science and in the high technology sector of industry.

With our product COMINVEST 2020s support, our portfolio companies can significantly accelerate their growth or if they are a start-up their entry into the market and prepare for rapid growth. 

IFC and the entrepreneurs become business partners, sharing in both the successes as well as the possible failures. If the venture succeeds, IFC benefits by selling its shares or participation (the “exit”). If the venture fails, both IFC and the entrepreneurs loose their invested time and capital; the entrepreneurs incur no additional liabilities. The exit occurs either by going public, selling to an industrial partner, or by the entrepreneurs buying back their shares or participation. 

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