Solar parks and private business models to power electric and hydrogen supply.
Conversion Rates
Energy Storage

Oil & Gas

  1. Oil Prospection and extraction
  2. Fracking
  3. Platforms from Construction to Decommission
  4. Pipelines
  5. Vessels 
  6. CO2 Recuperation

Organic Waste to Diesel

Diesel out of organic waste through catalytic depolimerisation



Wind Turbines innovation


Aerogel has excellent insulating properties, and the flower is protected from the flame. Aerogels are produced by extracting the liquid component of a gel through supercritical drying. This allows the liquid to be slowly dried off without causing the solid matrix in the gel to collapse from capillary action, as would happen with conventional evaporation. The first aerogels were produced from silica gels. Kistler's later work involved aerogels based on alumina, chromia and tin dioxide. Carbon aerogels were first developed in the late 1980s.

Fusion Design

Energy for the Cities

Industrial Photosynthesis