Investment Policy

Investment policy serves as a critical element of IFC Ltd.'s overarching strategy, acting as a guiding document for all investment-related decisions. The primary goal of this policy is to define our investment philosophy, objectives, and the specific strategies that direct our investment actions.

At IFC Ltd., our investment policy centers around the principle of safeguarding the principal investment capital. This approach ensures the safety of the invested capital, prioritizing it above potential returns. Such a stance is particularly suitable for our clients who favor capital preservation over high-risk returns, or for entities with low risk tolerance.

Our investment policy mandates a comprehensive analysis of each prospective transaction, following a well-defined framework. This rigorous procedure aims to optimize the balance between safety and profitability of each investment. Factors taken into consideration during this analysis include the risk-return characteristics of the investment, its congruity with IFC Ltd.'s broader investment objectives, and the possible effects on portfolio diversification.

A significant component of our investment policy is risk management at the banking level. This strategy involves a careful selection process and ongoing scrutiny of depository institutions, with the primary objective of confining our clients' principal risk exposure to the potential failure of these institutions. As part of this strategy, we ensure that our holdings are diversified across several institutions to further mitigate risk.

However, it's crucial to note that despite stringent risk management measures, no investment is entirely devoid of risk. Consequently, a key part of our investment policy is maintaining open communication and transparency about potential risks and returns associated with each investment. We believe in keeping our clients well-informed about the strategies we employ to protect their capital and the potential risks they might encounter.

To sum up, the investment policy of IFC Ltd. is an indispensable tool in our investment management process. Our focus on meticulous analysis, risk management, and capital preservation ensures that each investment aligns with these principles while striving to deliver returns.